Monday, February 18, 2008

And a nice self defense video:

New homepage


There is a long time since I did not wrote any posts. Here is some news:

- I started a new homepage at
- I will open a new club soon

Keep training!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Canne de combat - Video

Our friends (Morgan&Julie) from England made some double and single canne demonstration:

Canne de combat DVD - available from USA

Hello guys,

the long waited Canne de Combat dvd is available from the following link:

Good news is that we are able to pay via paypal, AND the postal costs are much more cheaper, than from Spain (only 12$) . So I made an order, and as this DVD will arrive, I will post an overview about it.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

New videos on YouTube

I have checked the YouTube for new treasures about Canne de Combat, and I found
the following video in two parts:

It seems be an old vhs videotape digitalized.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Bertrand Dubreuil: LA CANNE DVD is available

Dear Readers!

The new Canne de Combat DVD from Bertrand Dubreuil is available from

On this page select Espana, and on the index page there will be the front cover of the dvd. Click to this image, and you will be able to order the dvd.

The price is fair, 35€, but the postal costs to Central Europe are very high, so I made contact with their shop in German at

They responded my email, as soon they will have it, i will order from them.

Direct link to the dvd:

I think it is a very good news.

Soon there will a dvd about baton (long stick techniques), and book also available.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Canne advertisement

The advertisement of Canne de Combat is very-very bad, there was no video available for a long time on video sharing pages, like google video, youtube, or daily motion. The ASCA guys (hi there!) did the first steps, then we. Now, there are a couple of CDC related videos on the internet, but it cannot compared to other combat sports or martial arts. And, there is no DVD available in english (it will change in September), and no books (just some old books). The marketing is very bad also, there is a very little communication to other countries that France (no page in english language). The french forums are however very kind, the people help the outsiders a lot, answers the questions, and so. It is a good think, imho.

What can/should be changed?

  • Create a multilingual portal with articles
  • Support the clubs outside of France
  • Create training materials & courses
  • Translate the Rule Book to english
What can We do?

Well, I did the first step, I created a small booklet for beginners. But, there is a need for common talk, more materials (dvd, texts), more advertisement, and so.

There was an idea: let's create a Canne related commercial video. Everyone can participate, if she/he has some time, a video editor software, and creativity. Let's participate. (I am working on a video already)